Yurumerumo! workout with a blonde woman in the energetic MV for “Fusae”

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Yurumerumo! workout with a blonde woman in the energetic MV for Fusae.

Out now, the track is part of their latest EP titled SHAKER PEACEMAKER.

We’ve got a taste of Yurumerumo! last week when they beat up some guy in the MV for Gachagaki. But, with an EP out in the wild now we’re getting an MV to promote it. Yes, Yurumerumo! are a pretty busy group, but what’s that MV like?

With that said, their MV for Fusae is among their most unique releases. There’s a blonde woman who leads the group in some exercises, all of which take place on a vapor-wave styled world. It’s a random MV, which is just what Yurumerumo! are known for and should make fans pretty happy.

Fusae is a pretty fun song with an energetic instrumental. There is a strong electronic feel to it which combined with the energetic vocals from the members. It’s hard to explain in words but it’s one of those songs that you will be singing over and over again all day long.

It’s a quirky and fun release from Yurumerumo!, so make sure to give the MV a watch below!


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