BAND-MAID rock out on a dark beach in the MV for “endless story”

band maid

BAND-MAID rock out on a dark beach in the MV for endless story.

Out December, the track is part of their latest album set for release that date.

BAND-MAID are a success story in the girl rock scene. Their beats are heavy and their latest MV is a great reminder that even though they’re busy touring the world, they’re still an awesome band.

Taking place in Oshima, Tokyo, we get to see the band as they rock out on the dark beach and on some dark hills. Most of the scenes are dark toned, matching the intense feel of the song. There are also some artistic scenes of a girl staring out at the beach which are a nice addition. But, its the scenes of the band rocking out while a drone flies around them that are the best part.

endless story is a mid-tempo rock song with some powerful instruments in the background. Apparently it was made to be sung in stadiums and you can definitely feel that throughout. The chorus is easy to follow along, even if you’re not a native Japanese speaker.

The only bad thing about this release is that the album will be released in December, which means that there’s still some waiting to be done. But, at least we can enjoy the MV below in the mean time. Make sure to give it a watch!

endless story

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