Yurumerumo! beat up a guy at night in the MV for “Gachagaki”

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Yurumerumo, also known as You’ll Melt More! in the west, beat up a guy at night in the MV for their digital single titled Gachagaki.

Out now, the track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.

Running at night through a city is a theme we’ve seen in many idol MVs. It’s dark, there’s lights, and there’s running. It’s not a complicated formula but for some reason these types of MVs are among my favorite. Well, Yurumerumo! have just released a new MV and guess what: it’s a night MV.

In the MV for Gachagaki, we get to see Yurumerumo! as they go around a city doing stuff that is edgy. They record each other singing, kicking trash cans, and beating up some guys for taking Ano’s guitar. It’s an interesting theme and one that shows off that idols know how to fight back.

You’d expect to hear an energetic song if you were fighting a guy who stole your guitar, but Gachigaki is the complete opposite. It’s a rather mellow track with some electronic music thrown in the background. It’s not an energetic song by any means, but the vocals work perfectly to match the more low-key scenes we get to see in the MV.

You don’t see many MVs where idols beat up some dudes so if you’re into that, or just mellow tracks from Yurumerumo!, make sure to give that MV a watch!


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