SUPER☆GiRLS cheerfully dance in the sun for their “NIJI Iro SKY” MV and dance in the rain at night for their “Jounetsu RUNNER” MV

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SUPER☆GiRLS cheerfully dance in the sun for their NIJI Iro SKY MV and dance in the rain at night in the MV for Jounetsu RUNNER.

Out August 21st, the tracks are available exclusively as music cards on mu-mo.

SUPER☆GiRLS are an interesting group. They were a fairly successful idol group before the sudden replacement of all members. However, the new members have shown that they’re more than worthy of the title Super with their latest batch of MVs.


NIJI Iro SKY is a light and upbeat track where we get to see the members as they dance in front of a skyline while wearing seifukus. There are a large amount of scenes of the members as they sing from a candy store, dance in front of a restaurant, and more, which help add some color.

The song is definitely the high point of this release, with the light and happy sound making for a delightful treat. It’s not too energetic, but it has just the right amount of pacing that will put a smile on your face. This is idol music at its best!

Jounetsu RUNNER

Need something a bit more darker? Jounetsu RUNNER is a ballad with some sweet guitar solos and some dancing in the rain at night. It’s a unique MV that shows off the members cheering on someone as they run, which works well to match the song.

In fact, the song is pretty well done, with the vocals working flawlessly with the instruments. The night scenes of them dancing in the rain match up well, and despite there not being much variety in terms of shots, it’s still a well done MV.

Of the two, I’ll have to hand the win over to NIJI Iro SKY simply because of how happy it is. But if you’re looking for a more serious sound from SUPER☆GiRLS you’ll be glad to listen to Jounetsu RUNNER.

Unfortunately, they’re not available as a CD, but here’s hoping to us getting a digital release of some sort. For now, give those MVs a watch and make sure to give the video a like/comment if you enjoyed it!

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