Yes Happy! take a stroll around town in the MV for “Are You Happy?”

yes happy are you happy

Yes Happy! take a stroll around town in the MV for their 5th single titled Are You Happy?

Out August 25th, the single will be released in 1 edition.

Yes Happy! are one of those groups I don’t get to talk about much on this site.

Let’s change that.

They’ve released a new MV recently and while it might not have the budget that a BiSH MV has, it’s honestly one of the best songs I’ve heard all week.

For Are You Happy? we get to see the duo as they go around town doing cute things. They stand in a street, go to a park, cuddle with a cat, and grab some drinks together. Pretty typical stuff that anyone would do, but it’s all set to a rather energetic pop-rock track.

It’s a chill release that works more of an excuse to stroll around the city, so make sure to give it a watch and grab a copy of their single to show your support!

Are You Happy?
Yes Happy!

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