Task have Fun dance around school in the upbeat MV for “D-A-S-H!! ~Ikenai Koto Kashira?”

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Task have Fun dance around school in the upbeat MV for their track titled D-A-S-H!! ~Ikenai Koto Kashira?

Out now, the track is part of their triple album release titled RED, BLUE, and GREEN.

Task have Fun have been quickly climbing the ranks as one of my favorite groups and it’s not surprising to see why. Their music is pretty catchy and they have a pretty good group dynamic going on. Well, they’ve released a new MV to promote their latest album and it’s all sorts of cute … kind of.

The main thing to note about the MV for D-A-S-H!! ~Ikenai Koto Kashira?~ is the music. It might be my old age of being in my late 20’s but for some reason it seems a bit dampened. Sure, the song is pretty cute and upbeat, but it sounds like someone threw a speaker into a pool and started playing some music from it after taking it out 6 hours later.

Does this distract from the MV? Absolutely, but don’t let it get to you. The scenes of Task have Fun going around a school and dancing are just so cute that it’ll make you forget about the rather weird audio that we get to hear.

Hopefully the song quality is better in the album, which you can pick up now by the way. Do that and also check out the MV below for some cute scenes of Task have Fun!

D-A-S-H!! ~Ikenai Koto Kashira?~
Task have Fun

task have fun cover red album
Red Album

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task have fun cover blue album
Blue Album

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task have fun cover green album
Green Album

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