AKB48 Announce Best-Of Album

AKB48 Halloween Night

AKB48 have announced the release of a currently untitled all-time, best-of album.

The release is to commemorate the 10th anniversary since their formation. It was announced on September 6 during their handshake event for their recent release Halloween Night. There will be three types:

  • Type A – 27 singles that topped Oricon’s Weekly ranking
  • Type B – Two discs containing 22 million-selling singles
  • Single Complete Edition with 42 songs spanning releases from their indies era with a DVD featuring special footage

It will also feature 10 new songs, with each release containing different new songs. The DVD will apparently contain a “virtual handshake footage” titled AKB48 Group Member Air Handshake Event 2015 where you can enjoy virtual handshakes with over 300 members.

It’s not uncommon to see best of albums being released for groups, but it’s certainly surprising to see that they decided to give every version a different amount of new songs. No doubt it will entice many to buy up all of the versions, so it will be fun to see just how well it will turn out.

The album will be released November 4.

Source Natalie.mu | Tokyohive