Nemoto Nagi “Peppermint Dassou Keikaku” Song Released

Nemoto Nagi Peppermint Dassou Keikaku

Niji no Conquistador’s Nemoto Nagi has released her song titled Peppermint Dassou Keikaku.

According to Nagi, this is apparently the last of this releases for now following her previous songs titled America and Purity.

Nemoto arguably is the most recognizable member of the group, in my completely biased opinion, so naturally another song where she gets to showcase her vocals is always welcome.

With a happy sound that fits in perfectly with her image, it’s definitely a solid song that is sure to have Nemoto fans with a smile due to the cuteness.

So far there doesn’t seem to be any physical release of the songs, but according to a tweet from Mikeneko Homeless it seems like there could be a CD or MP3 release sometime soon.

Make sure to check out the song and the special site since they’re both amazing!

Peppermint Dassou Keikaku OHP