Keyakizaka46’s Imaizumi Yui Announces Hiatus

Keyakizaka46 Imaizumi Yui
Image credits: Keyakizaka46

Keyakizaka46 member Imaizumi Yui has announced a hiatus from the group due to health issues.

According to fans, it seems like she was absent from several recent handshake events which led to some concern. Management soon confirmed that her absence was a result of her being sick and that her doctor had advised her to rest.

She released a comment where she mentions that she is sorry for having missed the events. In it she also explains how she had tried to work while feeling unwell and how it ultimately ended in her going to a doctor. Yui also asks fans to give her some time to rest up.

No details have been released her condition or what kind of diagnosis was found, however it sounds like it’s not the typical flu. However, we wish Imaizumi Yui the best and hope that she recovers so that she can be on stage once more performing.

Get well soon Imaizumi Yui!

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