ROCK A JAPONICA “Tambourine, Rinrin” MV Released


ROCK A JAPONICA have released the MV for their single titled Tambourine, Rinrin.

Out April 15th, the single is limited only to events.

The MV for the coupling track Dreaming Road was released already.

Here are the covers for those who might have not caught them the first time. There are two editions for those lucky fans who get to attend their concert:

Packed full of spring scenery, we get to see the members of ROCK A JAPONICA as they sing from parks, bridges, and streets. Wearing school uniforms (the idol standard), it makes for a casual and calm treat for fans to enjoy as the ballad plays.

There is a nice scene at the end where the members see the venue where they will be performing at for their concert tour. Seeing them so excited is sure to get many fans excited as well for their performance.

Check out the MV below and make sure to check out their official home page for more info on their concert tour dates!