SKE48’s Oya Masana Announces Graduation

Oya Masana

SKE48 member Oya Masana has announced her graduation from the group.

The reveal was done after the announcement of Masana’s first and last solo song titled Eien no Legacy on the Type D version of the group’s 21st single titled Igai ni Mango. Oya Masana was not one of the members selected for the single.

Her graduation date has not been revealed.

Oya Masana joined SKE48 on July 2008.

Having been part of the group for over 9 years and being one of the founding members of SKE48 is quite an accomplishment. But, idols tend to leave the group when they reach a certain age and it seems like Oya has decided that now is the time for her to take her leave.

No details have been released regarding her future plans, but fans can look forward to a solo song from her as a goodbye. Best of luck Oya Masana!

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