Yurumerumo! “Moi Moi” and “Unmee” MVs Released

Yurumerumo! Disco

Yurumerumo! have released the MV for their track titled Moi Moi.

Out June 28th, the track is part of their mini album titled Disco Psychedelica.

With a new album comes a large variety of MVs to enjoy from Yurumerumo!, and thankfully their latest video has just been released.

While the track itself is a bit on the calm side, the MV is one of the most entertaining I’ve seen from them. In it we get to see the members as they work in a cafe only to hypnotize everyone in order to start a dance party.

It’s a solid release but the song was a bit too calm for the video (not to mention the many scenes of seizure inducing flashes). However, it makes up for it with an entertaining story and a lot of color.

Moi Moi

If you liked that MV, you’re in luck since they also released a karaoke inspired MV for another track titled Unmee. It’s a bit longer due to a few interviews at the beginning, but the song begins at 2:00 and it’s fairly catchy.

It’s a bit more laid back but the fact that we get to see them all having fun together is a perfect way to enjoy the song.


Make sure to check the two MVs out and grab a copy of their mini album since it’s shaping up to be a treat!

Yurumerumo! Disco Psychedelica Cover



  1. melted
  2. Moi Moi
  3. Unmee
  4. Waga Na to Wa
  5. Detekoi!
  6. Music 3, 4-bu de Owatchimau yo ne
  7. Furuete Yomigaere (remastered)
  8. Eien no my boy