Shuukan Idol – Bikini Termination Edition

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get a large amount of MVs ranging from artistic masterpieces packed full of water to the oh so traditional bouncy bikini shots.

There’s also a new PB release, a surprise firing/termination, and details for a new European tour for BAND-MAID. That and more in our top 6 highlights of the week!


> Tokyo Girls’ Style get wet in the water packed MV for water lily ~Suiren~

While they tend to be more on the traditional J-pop side, Tokyo Girls’ Style have gone to the full mature side releasing what is probably one of their best songs yet. Make sure to check it out above since it’s well worth the look!

> GANG PARADE rap their way into our hearts in the artistically ballad MV for Beyond the Mountain

GANG PARADE surprised many with their new sound which features a combination of passionate rock with hip hop. It’s a new sound and one that pairs perfectly with the fairly artistic scenes of them growing angel wings and singing in front of a projector. Make sure to check this one out!

> Fujii Rio’s contract with UP-FRONT was immediately terminated

When Fujii Rio announced that she would be graduating, it seemed like a normal event. Then she was terminated for violating her contract all of a sudden. Some have suggested that Rio apparently lost all motivation to continue, but no confirmation has been released. Check out the post above for all of the confirmed details we know.

> Bikinis and golden microphones. NMB48 hit the beach in the MV for Masaka Singapore

NMB48’s latest MV is packed full of an intricate story where the members all go in the search of a golden microphone. It’s a fairly interesting story that manages to pair well with the song while showing off a fair amount of Yamamoto Sayaka. Oh, there’s also a lot of bikinis because it’s summer.

> PassCode escape a prison while singing in the MV for ONE STEP BEYOND

Escaping from a colorful and artistic prison is something only a group of idols can do and thankfully we get just that in the latest MV for PassCode. It’s an incredibly catchy EDM packed song with the iconic screaming vocals that help give it an added spice.

> Niji no Conquistador get really colorful in the bouncy MV for Kimi wa Mujakina Natsu no Jou

Bikini MVs are common during summer and Niji no Conquistador often provides at least one every year for fans to enjoy. This year is no different and we get to enjoy a fairly upbeat release with their new lineup in Guam. Check out this release and if you’re up to the challenge try to see it without staring at Nemoto Nagi.

Notable mentions:


This week we have FES☆TIVE with their song Go to Fes☆. Out July 26th, the single will be released in 3 editions.

While it might be fairly short, it’s packed full of scenes of some of the most energetic idols on the scene. They sing with so much excitement as they make their way through a dark void of space and time and even in the middle of some random woods.

There’s also a creepy tent that moves by itself to the beat of the song so that’s something. Is the tent part of the group?

This is by far one of the most energetic MVs you’ll see this week, so make sure to get ready to jump to the beat of some of the catchiest music you’ll hear!

Go to Fes

If you liked that energetic MV make sure to check out their latest single below:


That’s it for this week, make sure to stay tuned for the next one!