Pour Lui On Hiatus From BiS

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BiS member Pour Lui will be on hiatus from all group activities.

Lui’s hiatus comes as a result of her failing a DiET or DiE challenge. According to the announcement, she failed to reach her goal and increased 0.4 kg in weight during her latest weigh in.

BiS and BiSH fans are probably aware of this but the DiET or DiE challenge involves a member trying to lose weight before a certain date. If they fail to reach it they get a punishment, which in this case is a hiatus from all group activities.

Obviously this seems to be just a way to drum up discussion among fans, but this is a blow for BiS who will now be performing without Pour Lui for the first time since BiS was created. This comes at a bad time as well since the group is about to go into a new tour.

We’ll get an announcement of her return (hopefully) sometime in the near future but for now this serves as a lesson for the other members: Be careful of any challenges set up by Watanabe.

Check out the latest episode of DiET or DiE below:

BiS Announcement

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