Shuukan Idol – NECROPANCAKES Edition

necronomidol pancakes

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have two hiatus announcements from BiS and PassCode. We also get MVs from Negicco’s Kaede, Dream Ami, and Yamamoto Sayaka, as well as details for the latest releases from Wa-suta, Nogizaka46, Keyakizaka46, and AKB48.

That and more in our 7 highlights of the week!


> Pour Lui on hiatus as a result of a DiET or DiE challenge

BiS has always had Pour Lui as part of the lineup in some way since it was created, but it seems like that’s about to change. BiS has just announced that Pour Lui will be on break from all group activities as a result of her losing a challenge. Full details are above, but it seems like the remaining 6 members have quite the interesting tour ahead of them!

> Wa-suta are going all out, releasing 2nd album and 4th single at the same time

It seems to be a trend now among idol groups to release as much music as possible on one day. The latest group to do so is Wa-suta which are not only releasing a 4th single, but also releasing a 2nd album on the same day. It’s a lot of music but it’s sure to be great news for fans of this cat idol group.

> Nogizaka46 become one with nature in the covers for Itsuka Dekirukara Kyou Dekiru

What do you get when you combine nature and one of Japan’s most recognizable idol groups? Some great covers of course, and it seems like Nogizaka46 are about to release an incredible single. Make sure to check out these calm and not-at-all-posed covers above!

> Kaede goes full chill in the relaxing MV for Ano Musume ga Kurasu Machi

Negicco are among the most relaxing groups and not surprisingly Kaede continues the trend in her debut solo single. Featuring scenes of her riding a bus, walking, and riding the bus some more, it ends up being one of the most relaxing videos you will have the pleasure of enjoying.

> PassCode’s Imada Yuna on hiatus due to health issues

Imada Yuna is the heart of PassCode, with her screaming vocals being among the best in any group. Unfortunately, it seems like she has been diagnosed with a health issue that she will need to have treated. Full details are above, get well soon Yuna!

> Man, Dream Ami has some weird dreams for her Re: Dream MV

Dreams are usually weird, and it seems like Dream Ami has some rather interesting ones. She fights a mascot version of herself, climbs ladders, and more in this incredibly upbeat and colorful release. It’s an incredibly upbeat release so make sure to check it out!

> Ultimate fanservice! Yamamoto Sayaka kisses herself in the MV for JOKER

Yamamoto Sayaka goes all out for her releases and this one is no different. Featuring scenes of her running through a table making a mess, there are plenty of impressive visual effects that will wow you. The most impressive one features Sayaka running out and kissing herself in midair. Make sure to check it out above!

Notable mentions:


This week we have Fuwa Fuwa and their incredibly catchy and upbeat MV for Jelly Beans which will be released October 4th.

The MV is packed from start to finish with colorful outfits, even more colorful scenery, and jelly beans in every single shot of the video.

It’s impressive but the result is a fairly adorable release which is happy and has a lot of bouncing skirts thanks to the happy choreography.

Make sure to check out this colorful release below and try and not get too overwhelmed by the sweetness!

Jelly Beans
Fuwa Fuwa

If you are in the mood for something sweet, make sure to check out their other releases below:


That’s it for this week, make sure to stay tuned for the next one!