Cheeky Parade Rock Out In A Room “JUMPER JUMPER”

cheeky parade bokura no uta cover

Cheeky Parade rock out in the single camera MV for JUMPER JUMPER.

Out now, the track is part of their digital single titled Bokura no Uta.

This is the first release since the departure of Mizorogi Seran and Kodakari Momoka.

Cheeky Parade have been out of the scene for some time, but thankfully they are back and with them they are bringing a song packed full of headbanging and guitars for fans to enjoy.

It’s a tad on the simple side since we only get one room and a stationary camera, but the song is so intense that we get to see the camera rock as the members pick up the guitars and headbang along to the beat. Make sure to get ready to rock out in the MV below!

Cheeky Parade

Are you craving more Cheeky Parade? You’re in luck since a dance rehearsal video was released for another track. It’s more on the J-pop side compared to JUMPER JUMPER, but it’s sure to please fans of the traditional Cheeky Parade.

Cheeky Parade

Pick up your copy of the single below since it’s well worth it from the two songs above!

cheeky parade bokura no uta cover



  1. Bokura no Uta
  2. MightyGirl

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