Niigaki Risa And Yoshikazu Kotani Have Divorced

niigaki risa

Niigaki Risa, former Morning Musume, has divorced from her now ex-husband Yoshikazu Kotani.

According to the announcement, Niigaki mentioned that she wishes to focus on pursuing a different path than Kotani and that this was the right decision to take.

The two had initially met back in 2013 for a play and got married back in June 2016. However, there were some signs of their marriage facing some difficulties, with Risa appearing in several recent pictures without her ring.

Their marriage lasted a year and 6 months.

While it might be sad news, it’s important to remember that not all marriages last due to a variety of reasons. In this situation, it doesn’t seem like the marriage ended in bad terms, with it being more of a “we weren’t as compatible as we initially thought we were”.

However, both seem eager to look forward to the future and with their fan’s support they are sure to discover great opportunities. We wish the best of luck to Niigaki Risa and Yoshikazu Kotani on their future endeavors! | Niigaki Risa Blog | Yoshikazu Kotani Blog


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