PassCode Are Going Back To The Past With A Re-recording Album Titled “Locus”

passcode locus

PassCode have announced an early works reconstruction album titled Locus.

Out February 28th, the album will feature re-recordings of their earlier tracks.

Before being on Universal, PassCode had a pretty solid indie career. Thankfully, fans will now be able to revisit the past with a newly announced re-recording album featuring some of their classic hits.

While the album will feature mostly re-recordings, there will be a new song included to encourage those who might already have some of their earlier releases.

Is it worth picking up? Absolutely, especially if you’ve just become a fan of them after their major releases. Check out the teaser below and get ready for an amazing album!

passcode locus



  1. Toxic
  2. AXIS
  3. Nextage
  4. Gekijou Progressive
  5. Never Sleep Again
  6. Now I Know
  7. Kiss no Hanataba
  8. Club Kids Never Die
  9. Seize the day!!
  10. TBA

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