Shuukan Idol – Spring Is Here Edition

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a handful of MVs from Dream Ami, BiSH, NGT48, and Kobushi Factory. Add in new details for the latest Juice=Juice and Suzuki Airi releases and you have a good idea what to expect for our 8 highlights of the week!


> Dream Ami shows off her glass house in the MV for Amaharu

What do you do if you’re a successful J-pop singer? You buy a house made of glass in the middle of the woods of course. That’s what Dream Ami does in her latest MV which shows off some colorful and artistic visuals along with a relaxing song. It’s pretty weird, but it’s well worth a watch if you’re in the ballad mood.

> Juice=Juice release details for their 10th single

Juice=Juice’s next single has a track called SEXY SEXY on it. That’s more than enough for many to get interested in this release. But, for those who need a bit more you’ll be glad to see that covers and track lists have been released. Full details are available above!

> Suzuki Airi releases details for her debut solo album

Airi has been performing solo for some time now. Thankfully, the time has come for her to release an album and boy, it’s sounding incredible. We go more into detail in the post above, but it’s safe to say that fans are in for an amazing release this June.

> sora tob sakana dance in light for their Lightpool MV

Do you like projectors? You’re in luck because the latest sora tob sakana MV is packed full of them. In fact, there’s light in every scene of this release which is a pretty awesome visual for fans to enjoy. Enjoy their major debut MV above!

> BiSH get busted at a party for their PAiNT it BLACK MV

Remember BiSH and how they were covered in mud for one of their MVs? Well now they’re taking the next step and going to the extreme by joining a pretty chill auto club. … Ok , BiSH have definitely toned down with this release, but it’s still worth a look simply because of the catchy song.

> AKB48 are going global for their next senbatsu

AKB48 has some great news for members for other ’48 groups: you can join the next senbatsu. Is this a signal of the future where countries compete against each other in a senbatsu? Yes, but for now it’s a pretty awesome opportunity for members from other groups to appear in the next AKB48 release.

> NGT48 get chased by spring in Haru wa Dokokara Kuru no ka?

Nothing says spring is here like being followed by an idol carrying a gun that shoots flowers. Add in a few scenes of Honma being chased and you have a good idea what to expect for this release. It’s a pretty confusing MV but it’s well worth a look!

> Kobushi Factory try their best in the MV for Kore Kara da!

Life is full of challenges, and boy, do Kobushi Factory know what that feels like. But, in the latest MV we get to hear some encouraging words and see members of Kobushi Factory try their best and continue with determination. It’s a pretty nice MV and a good finish to Kobushi Factory’s latest single.


This week we have KINDAI GIRLS and their MV for Free Your Imagination! Out April 1st, the single will be released in 1 edition.

Promotions at normal colleges usually involve a couple of pamphlets and TV advertising. But, if you’re Kindai University you do the next best thing: invest in an idol group and hire legendary idol producer/composer/genius Tsunku to make songs for them.

So keeping in mind that this release is most likely a promotion for the university, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this MV. The song has a notable Hello! Project sound to it that’s sure to please fans of the groups under the Up-Front umbrella. Sure, it’s a bit simple at times but it does have a catchy sound to it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like you can get the single on CDJapan, but a watch and a like on the video below should be a good start to show your support. Make sure to check it out below to see for yourself!

Free Your Imagination!

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!