i☆Ris Cry Dark Tears In The MV For “Changing point”

iRis changing point

i☆Ris cry dark tears in the MV for their 16th single titled Changing point.

Out May 9th, the single will be released in a CD+DVD edition and a CD-only edition.

i☆Ris have always been a delight to enjoy, and their latest release is no different. Packing in scenes of the members dancing and standing their way through the song, we get to enjoy a rather epic rock song with powerful vocals.

By far my favorite part of this release were the outfits. They have a black look to them but the fact that they each have a slight touch of color makes them all unique. Also, the scenes of them crying dark tears was pretty well done and goes well with the darker tone of this release.

Unfortunately the single is not available outside of Japan, but make sure to check out the MV and give it a thumbs up to show your support!

Changing point

iRis changing point cover cd dvd


  1. Changing point
  2. Amekoi
  3. Changing point (instrumental)
  4. Amekoi (instrumental)


  1. Changing point – Music Video-
  2. Changing point -Off Shot Movie-

iRis changing point cover cd only
CD Only


  1. Changing point
  2. Amekoi
  3. Sotsugyoushiki
  4. Changing point (instrumental)
  5. Amekoi (instrumental)
  6. Sotsugyoushiki (instrumental)

iRis OHP