Shuukan Idol – The Parade Is Over Edition

gang parade maika

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get to enjoy a wide variety of MVs from SUPER GiRLS, HKT48, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and EMPiRE. Add in a disbandment notice from Cheeky Parade and you’ll get our 7 highlights of the week!


> SUPER GiRLS cry in the bright MV for Kira Kira Sunshine

Nothing says cheerful like a single packed full of sunshine, smiling idols, and scenes of random crying. Yes, that last one doesn’t fit in but it’s a rather interesting series of scenes that adds a spice to an otherwise typical idol release. Well worth a listen if you need a cheerful song today!

> Cheeky Parade announce their disbandment

Idol Street is slowly but surely closing up shop on several groups, with Cheeky Parade being the latest. It’s a sad end to an otherwise unique group who had a promising future. Full details for their disbandment are above, best of luck Cheeky Parade!

> HKT48 paint the streets in the colorful MV for Hayaokuri Calendar

Nothing says rock and upbeat like scenes of idols running around a city and painting stuff with their hands. Yes, this delightful vandalism makes for a fun way to color up some bright scenes of Fukuoka. It’s a great start to what’s sure to be a fun release from HKT48.

> =LOVE explore a story of love and betrayal in Teokure Caution

Nothing says betrayal like sitting down to watch an otherwise adorable MV and slowly realizing that not everything is what it seems. With a rock ballad in the background, we get to see members of =LOVE as they perform in a drama styled MV for fans to enjoy. It’s dark, but so well worth a look.

> EMPiRE remember the good times in the MV for MAD LOVE

EMPiRE have finally debuted, and to celebrate we get an MV packed full of memories and treasures. Yes, their latest MV is a montage of scenes of them performing and recording for their debut. It’s simple, but it’s the perfect way for fans to get hyped for this release. Highly recommended!

> Kyary Pamyu Pamyu uses the power of tablets in Kimi no Mikata

The queen is back and this time she’s bringing in a lot of tablets. For her latest release Kyary goes for a one shot MV of her latest digital single. It’s pink, it’s full of weird people with wigs, and it’s random, just how we like it.

> Juice=Juice get funky and colorful for their Vivid Midnight MV

What would happen if E-girls and Hello! Project mixed? You’d get Vivid Midnight of course, the latest release from Juice=Juice. In this MV we get to see colorful boxes and scenes of the members dancing to the fun beat. It’s a well recommended video for fans who want a more modern take on Juice=Juice!

Notable mentions


This week we have Tsubomi and their MV for Anata ni Kimemashita.

Did all the crying in the MVs from SUPER GiRLS and iRis get you down? Well you’re in luck because Tsubomi have an upbeat release for fans to cheer up with.

In this MV we get to see scenes of the members as they have fun in a colorful room. They do each others hair, they play with tarot cards, and they stare at the ceiling as they sing to a camera, everyday idol stuff.

All of this happens as we get to enjoy an upbeat song with a catchy rock sound. It’s a bit simple and all over the place, but it’s well worth a listen!

Anata ni Kimemashita

Put those tarot cards down and click below to grab a copy of their releases to show your support:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!