BABYMETAL Establish Record Label, Not New Music

babymetal records

BABYMETAL has announced the formation of a record label called BABYMETAL Records.

After a long, long wait we finally get news that BABYMETAL is doing something music related. No, it’s not new music. It’s actually a record label based in the United States by a rather big company called 5B Artist Management.

This record label is technically just a brand so it won’t function in a similar way to a traditional record label. But, it will give BABYMETAL the opportunity to have some amazing marketing by a company that manages Megadeth and Slipknot.

Will we ever see BABYMETAL release new music? Probably not, but hey, we’ll probably get a reissue of Metal Resistance under this new label so that’s something.

Need more BABYMETAL goodness in your life? They’ve also established a new clothing released under a new brand called BMD FOX APPAREL. You can try playing it on a vinyl player but I won’t guarantee that music will come out of it.

Stay tuned for more news about BABYMETAL and keep on praying to the fox gods that new music comes someday!