Devil ANTHEM. Pose At Night In The Chill MV For “Etto Neremishii”

devil anthem ettoneremishii

Devil ANTHEM. pose at night in the chill MV for their new single titled Etto Neremishii.

Out November 21st, the single will be released in Type A and B.

This is the first release for AKIRA. who joined the group back in September.

If you’re a fan of electronic idol music then you’re already familiar with Devil ANTHEM. This group has released awesome music for a while now with a catchy electronic beat and thankfully they are back with yet another single for fans to enjoy.

During the MV, we get to see scenes of Devil ANTHEM. as they stand and listen to music with some earbuds at night. It’s not the most exciting of themes but the relaxing beat of the song matches the scenes we get to see throughout the release. Add in some dance shots and some great visual effects and you have yourself a solid video to enjoy.

On to the music, and I’ll start this with a quick warning: the lyrics are not the most creative and tend to repeat a little bit too much. But, when you have an instrumental that has such a catchy beat that’s something that you can easily ignore throughout the song.

Grab your headphones and get ready to enjoy a chill electronic release from Devil ANTHEM. below!

Etto Neremishii

devil anthem ettoneremishii cover type a
Type A


devil anthem ettoneremishii cover type b
Type B