SKIRMISH Chill In The City For Their Debut MV Titled “Toroimerai”

skirmish idol

SKIRMISH chill in the city for their debut MV titled Toroimerai.

SKIRMISH are an idol group that has just debuted in November 2018.

New idol groups are always a treat, and it seems like the girls from SKIRMISH are looking to make a good impression on idol fans with their debut MV.

So let’s kick it off with the song. It’s a ballad but there’s a slight rock edge to the instrumental. The vocals are done well, which is surprising for a new idol group since they tend to be the department that often needs improvement. But, SKIRMISH manage to hold their own and sing their way nicely throughout the MV.

Visually it’s a treat, with several scenes of the members as they go around town and sing along to the song. It’s relaxing, the scenes are all well lit, and there’s just enough of a retro look to the MV that gives it a fun look that matches the song.

Overall, I’m impressed. SKIRMISH sounded like a group that would not grab my attention at first, but they manage to make a soft, yet strong debut on the scene. I’m looking forward to finding out more about them and their plans for the future.

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