Kamiyado play with tables in the lighthearted MV for “CONVERSATION FANCY”

kamiyado conversation fancy

Kamiyado play with tables in the lighthearted MV for their 4th single titled CONVERSATION FANCY.

Out February 6th, the single will be available in 2 editions: Type A and B.

This is the last single for Sekiguchi Naho, who announced her retirement from the group on December 4th.

If you’re in the mood for something lighthearted then you’re in luck. Taking place in a white void, we get to see the colorful members of Kamiyado as they do cute stuff from behind a white table for their latest MV.

Whether it be doing cute dance poses to the beat of the song, or simply playing along with the animations that appear, it’s a delightful release that’s sure to please fans of the group. Sure, there’s not much going on throughout but the fact that they make due with what they have for a simple release is a nice change.

But, the song. The song is simply amazing. It’s not the most upbeat release, but the fact that the vocals stand out so much makes for a pleasant experience. The lighthearted tone is truly the best part of this release.

Check it out below and grab a copy of their single to show your support!


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