MAGiCAL PUNCHLINE let go of ribbons in the MV for “Kyou ga Mada Aokutemo”

magical punchline

MAGiCAL PUNCHLINE let go of ribbons in the MV for Kyou ga Mada Aokutemo.

Out June 19th, the single will be released in Limited and Regular editions.

This is the first MV to feature a 6 member lineup, after the addition of 2 new members: Yoshizawa Haruka and Yoshida Yurari. Naturally the new members are an interesting addition since they boost the vocal power of the group. So, how is their debut MV?

The MV kicks off with a variety of scenes of the members singing out in the air. They are colorful, and made even more colorful by a variety of ribbons that the members hold on to during some scenes. Those scenes are a bit confusing but it’s a traditional idol MV throughout, with vibrant scenes throughout.

Not that many songs nowadays use string instruments, but when a group goes out of their way to do so, it’s a nice addition to the song. Kyou ga Mada Aokutemo is a good example of this, with the violins making the perfect addition to the vocals from the members. While I don’t follow the group as closely, I did enjoy the vocals from the new members and look forward to more from them.

For now, I encourage everyone to check out the MV to see just how strong the MAGiCAL PUNCHLINE lineup is. Grab a copy of their latest single below!

Kyou ga Mada Aokutemo
Magical Punchline

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magical punchline kyou ga mada aokutemo cover regular

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