Shuukan Idol – Morning Juice edition (May 20 – 26)

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a variety of MVs from groups such as, Minna no Kodomo-chan, Juice=Juice, morning Musume and more. Add in a graduation from 9nine and you have our 8 highlights of the week!


> MAGiCAL PUNCHLINE let go of ribbons in the MV for Kyou ga Mada Aoukutemo

MAGiCAL PUNCHLINE recently added 2 new members to their lineup and they have just released the MV for their first release. Fans of the group will be delighted to see that the MV packs in colorful scenes of them holding ribbons, dancing along to string instruments, and generally being cute. This is a must see!

> Osaka☆Shunkashuto run with flags in the intense MV for NO-LIMIT

Do you need some excitement in your life? Osaka Shunkashuto have you covered with an MV for their latest single. You get the classic Maina vocals with some powerful rock instrumental to enjoy as the members dance and run with flags. It’s intense and just the way we like it!

> Kanae Yoshii leaves 9nine and the entertainment business

Remember 9nine going into hiatus last month? Well, we got some bad news in the form of a graduation announcement earlier this week. Kanae Yoshii has decided to leave the group and the entertainment business. It’s a sad occasion but one that comes with some hope in the form of a new Instagram account for fans to check in on Kanae’s life from time to time. Best of luck Kanae!

> get covered in colorful plush animals for Ne♡Ushi♡Tora♡U♡Tatsu♡Mi

What do you get when you combine the zodiac animals with A hyper happy idol song with the members wearing fluffy outfits that are inspired by the zodiac animals of course. It’s colorful, fun, and packed full of fast-paced vocals that will make you smile. Enjoy it above!

> Minna no Kodomo-chan have people punch bloody bags in the MV for The Walls

Are you in the mood for something horror-inspired? Minna no Kodomo-chan have you covered with an MV that packs in some creepy bags full of blood and a “found footage” filter. It’s weird and unsettling, but that makes it a must-see for those who enjoy their idol music a bit on the darker side.

> Nogizaka46 dance around school in Yonbanme no Hikari and show off some drone views in Kassouro

Nogizaka46 were closed off to a lot of fans for a while, so I’m glad to see we got to enjoy the MVs for their latest single since they have all been a treat. Now we’re completing the single with the last MVs, and they’re worth a watch. One shows off a group of members as they dance around a school, and another has some artistic far away shots. They’re simple but a delightful way to cap off the single.

> Juice=Juice sing in the underground for their ”Hitori de Ikirare Sou” tte Sorettene, Homete Iru no? MV

Juice=Juice are completing their latest single with a trip to the underground. It’s an epic conclusion for this release packing in a rock instrumental with some cool scenes. It’s the best way to complete the single, so check it out if you’re a Juice=Juice fan!

> Morning Musume ’19 dance in VR with Chisaki for their Seishun Night MV

New Momusu is always a great sign that it’s going to be a good week. Well, get ready for a good week because we got an MV with Morito Chisaki going into a VR world. It’s a cute release, packing in a variety of scenes of the members dancing in futuristic outfits and doing funny stuff (for the first half) as they get her idol-ed up. It’s a basic MV, but well worth of a watch!


This week we have Pyxis and their MV for Koi Seyo Minna, Hai! Out June 5th, the single will be released in 2 editions.

Who’s in the mood for a Japanese inspired MV from an idol duo? Well, get ready to enjoy the latest and greatest from Pyxis as we see them dance and sing in a variety of Japanese inspired scenes.

The main shots take place in a traditional home where the members dance with colorful half-yukata outfits to the beat of the happy song. It’s colorful and incredibly happy, which matches the tone of the music we get to listen throughout. There are ninja back dancers, Japanese sweets, temple shots, and a ton of other traditional-inspired visuals in there so those who enjoy this kind of stuff will feel right at home.

It’s light-hearted idol fun at its best, so make sure to check it out below!

Koi Seyo Minna, Hai!

Head on over below to check out more from Pyxis:

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That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!