go primal in the MV for “Inochi no Yorokobi” inochi yorokobi go primal in the MV for their single titled Inochi no Yorokobi.

Out June 26th, the single will be available in Limited A, B, and Regular editions.

Ever wonder what a group of idols dressed in gal makeup would do in the dinosaur days? Well, that’s a weird thing to think about but surprisingly, have you covered with their Inochi no Yorokobi MV.

In it, we get to see wearing gal makeup with primeval outfits that include a giant piece of meat, bones, and animal patterns. That look alone is interesting enough, but seeing dance around with bone microphones along with a group of kids in the middle of the jungle is the true gem of this release.

If your collection of primeval idol music was feeling a bit empty, you’ll be glad to hear that Inochi no Yorokobi has an instrumental that matches the visuals. There’s a jungle inspired drum line with some exotic instruments added to the mix. The vocals are pretty exciting and happy, making this a wonderful song to listen to.

It’s a weird release but have always done their own thing which is why they’re among the best idol groups out there. In fact, their last release had them dressed up as zodiac animals, so the sky is the limit for these girls.

Get ready to visit the jungle in the MV below, and grab a copy of the single if you’re feeling adventurous!

Inochi no Yorokobi inochi yorokobi cover limited a
Limited A

cdjapan affiliate inochi yorokobi cover limited b
Limited B

cdjapan affiliate inochi yorokobi cover regular

cdjapan affiliate