Qumali Depart search for clues and pose in the MV for “Udagawa・Yokkyuu”

qumali depart kokodepa

Qumali Depart search for clues and pose in the MV for Udagawa・Yokkyuu.

Out May 28th, the track is part of their 1st full album titled Kokodepa!

Qumali Depart have been a bit quiet since the release of Sekaikei. Thankfully, they seem to have been hard at work since they have just released their 1st full album. So what do we get in the MV for Udagawa Yokkyuu?

The MV consists of a variety of colorful scenes of the members singing passionately into a microphone in the middle of the city. Add in some scenes of the members looking for clues and a dance shot recorded on the roof of Tower Records Shibuya and you’ll have a complete package that matches the song perfectly.

The constant moving of the camera might be a bit too much for some, but the twists and pans are a nice addition since it keeps each scene moving. There are also some scenes of the members wearing some stylish outfits, which are a nice addition but don’t really do much apart from look cool.

As for the song itself, it has a strong instrumental and a a powerful beat. It’s not overly happy or poppy, which gives the members a chance to show off their vocal talents. It has a bit of a funky feel to it, which makes for an incredible song that fans of Qumali Depart will love.

The album is out now so make sure to give the MV a look and grab your copy of the album below!

Udagawa Yokkyuu
Qumali Depart

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