DESURABBITS perform on stage for their “Demo, Nigenna” MV

desurabbits sotsugyou shoujo cover

DESURABBITS perform on stage for their Demo, Nigenna MV.

Out since March 20th, the track is part of their double a-side single alongside Sotsugyo Shojo – Mirai e -.

It’s been a while since we got a chance to enjoy DESURABBITS and their dark MV for Sotsugyo Shojo – Mirai e -. However, we’re not done with the single yet since we recently got the MV for the other a-track of this release. So, is it as complicated and dark as the main MV?

Not at all.

In fact, the MV is just a live performance of the song, which may be a bit too simple for some. But, it is well shot and shows off the members dancing along to the song. There are even a couple of scenes thrown in of the members rehearsing, which is a nice treat. As for the song, Demo Nigenna is not dark at all and has a classic idol sound to it. The vocals are poppy and cheerful, with the instrumental having a distinct electronic feel to it.

If you might remember from Sotsugyo Shojo – Mirai e –, there was a rapping segment that was forced into the song. Well, it’s here as well. Thankfully it’s not too long so we get to dive right back into the song again once it’s over.

It’s a bit of a simple MV but it’s a nice reminder that DESURABBITS have just released a new single. Make sure to grab a copy and give the MV a watch below!

Demo, Nigenna

desurabbits sotsugyou shoujo cover