avandoned have a fun day out and about in the MV for “Margaret”

avandoned margaret

avandoned have a fun day out and about in the MV for Margaret.

Out since June 26th, the single will be released in Type A and B.

There have been quite a lot of changes for avandoned in the past year. Kotori Katao graduated and Usakura Beni was the only member for a while. But, with an all new lineup consisting of 5 new members they are making a comeback with a rather relaxing release.

In Margaret we get to see all of the members as they go around a city doing cute things, like playing in the playground, walking down a road covered in leaves, and more. It’s a relaxing video and one that is made even better by the random pictures we get to see throughout since they add in to the feel of the song.

Speaking of, Margaret is as chill as the video. The vocals are soft and sweet, which combine perfectly with the piano instrumental that plays in the background. It’s not the most upbeat of releases, but it does have a sweet tone that all idol fans are sure to enjoy.

Get ready for a trip through the city in avandoned’s latest MV!


avandoned margaret cover type a
Type A

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avandoned margaret cover type b
Type B

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