have fun under the sea in the aquatic MV for “Bon・De・Festa” bon de festa have fun under the sea in the aquatic MV for Bon・De・Festa.

Out August 9th, the track is available digitally on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify. music is one of those things in life you can expect to be full of energy and excitement. Most of their MVs are incredibly random and packed full of the weirdness we all know and love. Their latest MV for their track Bon・De・Festa is a great example of that, with the members taking a dive into the aquatic side of life.

As is expected, there are so many scenes and the transitions are quick, making it hard to describe the scenes. However, the ocean themed outfits that each member wears along with the scenes of them doing summer activities are among the most memorable. The best scene is the one showing the members as marine animals, with Eimi as a turtle being the image that will forever be burned into my memory because of how unique it looks.

For those looking for a happy and energetic song, you’ll be hard pressed to find something as energetic as Bon・De・Festa. It’s incredibly fast-paced, with the vocals rushing through as the playful instrumental plays in the background. There’s a xylophone in there, some electronic, whistles, and much more.

It’s a festival of color and sound, so make sure to give it a watch and check it out on iTunes and Apple Music below!

Bon・De・Festa bon de festa cover

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