BiS show off their faces in the trash-packed MV for “BiS – Douyara Zombie no Odemashi -“

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BiS reveal their faces in the trash-packed MV for BiS – Douyara Zombie no Odemashi -.

Out August 14th, the track is part of their new album titled Brand-new idol Society.

Those who follow BiS might already be aware of the special challenge they had to go through. Their faces would be revealed once they got 15,000 Twitter followers, meaning that for a couple of weeks we got a variety of pixelated selfies from members.

It was an overdone gimmick and one that serves as a reminder of what makes WACK so unique in the industry. But you have to hand it to them, they are committed. The debut MV was supposed to come out a few days ago (record labels like making money after all) and it did, but it was all pixelated as a result of the members not reaching the goal in time.

Thankfully, the challenge was beaten just a day or two later and all of the members have finally been revealed. MUSENSHiTEEBU was the first one to break that goal and shortly after everyone else did as well. Naturally, the uncensored version of the MV was released and we finally get a chance to see the new BiS.

So, how do they compare to original BiS, revived BiS, BiS1st, and BiS2nd?

The MV kicks off with all of the members laying down on a pile of trash, which is the perfect metaphor for Watanabe. As the camera pans down we get to see them starting playing in this trash, jumping around and throwing trash at each other. There are other scenes which show them carrying a hand held camera and inside of an abandoned house in black and white, but most of the MV takes place on trash.

As for the song, BiS – Douyara Zombie no Odemashi – is pretty solid. It’s packed with guitars and drums to make it sound like what you’d expect from BiS, all with a ballad tone. The vocals are well done and the members all seem to have promise, which is fantastic.

This is a surprisingly good debut from the new BiS, and one that shows that the group still plans on tapping into their non-idol roots. Sure, BiS has had a troubled past as a result of Watanabe’s marketing stunts but it’s good to know that one of the main non-idol idol groups is back at it again.

How long until Watanabe messes it up again? Time will tell, but for now enjoy the MV and grab a copy of that debut album below!

BiS – Douyara Zombie no Odemashi –

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