Happiness break into a park in the colorful MV for “Chao Chao”

happiness chao chao

Happiness break into a park in the colorful MV for their 13th single titled Chao Chao.

Out September 11th, the single will be released in Limited and Regular editions.

The second you see the words rhythm zone flash on the screen, you know you’re in for a good time. That’s exactly what we got and this time Happiness are bringing in a hip and modern song packed full of beats and oversize business clothes.

Taking place in what looks like a bank, we get to see the members dancing through a variety of stairs and elevators. Each scene is fast-paced and changes to the tune of the hip and beat packed song, with vocals being on point through each line. There is a black and white filter used throughout most of the scenes, which adds a touch of class.

For those who like having color, you’ll be glad to see that we get some scenes of the members dancing in full color from time to time, mostly the dance shots. That way we’re able to enjoy the oversize business clothes in all of their glory. There’s also a scene of the members breaking into Pacific Park, which is adorable and just illegal enough to be cool.

Of course, it’s not expected that Happiness would break into a theme park and just turn on the lights to dance. There’s also some scenes of them riding the rides through a POV shot from the members. The dancing is on point for this setting as well, with each scene having those moves that we know and love.

This is a fantastic MV that is sure to be loved by fans of modern J-pop music, so give it a watch and show your support by picking up a copy of that single!

Chao Chao

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