≠ME dash to the finish line in their debut MV for “≠ME”

not equal me idol

≠ME, pronounced not equal me, dash to the finish line in their debut MV titled ≠ME.

Those of you familiar with Sashihara Rino might remember her being the producer for a relatively popular idol group called =LOVE. Since their debut, they have released a handful of singles and won the hearts of idol fans around the world. With their success, it’s no surprise to see that a new sister group was in the works and we finally get to see what they’re capable of.

Enter ≠ME, an idol group made up of members who has some idol experience. Apart from joining my long list of “I need to copy their name from somewhere because I can’t type that symbol” groups, they all seem to be pretty talented and seem to have what it takes to be worthy of the “not equal” sign.

The MV kicks off with the members all dancing on a field with a running track. Wearing the traditional seifuku outfits, we get to see everyone dance masterfully to the beat of the ballad. The vocals are all well done, although you can tell that some members don’t have that much experience (totally fine, since the fun of idols is seeing them grow as performers).

So, we have a running track, does that mean they’re going to use it? Absolutely, and the other half of the MV features the members running in slow motion towards a finish line. It’s a nice addition to the MV that adds just enough variety to keep us entertained.

The song doesn’t seem to be available anywhere yet, but make sure to stay tuned for more from this interesting group. Will we get more idol groups with math symbols in their name? Most likely, but for now make sure to check out the MV below to see what they’re capable of!