Shuukan Idol – Rock all night Edition (August 5 – 11)

nakamura akari

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a ton of MVs from groups such as Happiness, Broken By The Scream, Nogizaka46, BAND-MAID, SCANDAL, and Yurumerumo! It’s all MVs so check those and more out in our 7 highlights of the week!


> Happiness break into a park in the colorful MV for Chao Chao

Happiness are dusting off their oversized business outfits for their latest MV. In it we get to enjoy some delightfully powerful beats as the members dance their hearts out. Add in some black/white filters along with some scenes of the girls breaking into a park and you have yourself a fantastic MV. Who would have thought that breaking into a park was so much fun?

> i☆Ris put on a magic show in the MV for FANTASTIC ILLUSION

Who here likes magic? Hopefully you do because the latest MV from iRis is packed full of cards, magician hats, and everything your magic-loving heart could hope for. It’s an exciting and colorful release that is also being used for an anime, so you can expect to hear a lot of fun spoken lines added in.

> Broken By The Scream rock out in the rock-filled MV for Aiha Kiminomi

Broken By The Scream are a group you shouldn’t take for granite in the alternative idol scene. Their music is not a bore and with the high/low screams they manage to set themselves apart from the other groups that have plateaued with only one screamer. Well, they’ve just released a coal new MV and it’s going to rock your world.

I’ll stop the rock puns now. Check out the MV, it’s cool.

> Nogizaka46 dance from between busy crowds in the MV for Yoake Made Tsuyogaranakute mo Ii

Ever wondered what it would be like to have scene after scene of randomness? Nogizaka46 are here to answer that question with an MV packed full of random scenes that have just enough of an artistic touch to stand out. In fact, they managed to get 250 extras to use in a scene of the members standing in the middle of a busy walkway. Wow.

> Yurumerumo! workout with a blonde woman in the energetic MV for Fusae

Yurumerumo! are no strangers to the weird, and their latest MV is taking it to an interesting field. In it, we see a lady lead the members as they work out along to a catchy song. It has its fair share of random close-ups and camera angles, so those who enjoy variety are in for a treat.

> BAND-MAID rock out on a dark beach in the MV for endless story

BAND-MAID are hitting the beach in their latest MV. Do we see them splash around in their maid outfits? Not at all, in fact they pull out their instruments and give us a magnificent song that is sure to be a hit at concerts. This is BAND-MAID at their best!

> SCANDAL share a story of love and hate in the grungy MV for Fuzzy

SCANDAL are the girl rock queens and their latest MV is a sign that they haven’t forgotten about their rock roots. In it, we see the members jam out as a couple go from loving each other to hating each other. It’s not a new story, but the raw power of the song is something fans are sure to enjoy.

Notable mentions


This week we have Oyasumi Hologram and their MV for slow dancer. Out now, the track is a digital release available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Sometimes its good to sit back and enjoy a slower song, and this time Oyasumi Hologram are delighting our eardrums with their latest MV.

In it, we see the duo as they sing in a black void to the beat of a slower ballad. During the initial scenes, the two perform in black and white, making for a rather artistic treat that shows off their vocal abilities. However, the color starts fading in and soon they’re jamming out with a band in the background.

It’s a simple MV but one that shows off just how talented this duo is. For those who need a bit more rock you’ll be delighted to know that the other half of the song has a strong rock instrumental added in, which pairs nicely with the vocals.

We don’t get much variety in terms of settings, but seeing the assortment of camera shots makes for a delightful treat. Check out the MV below and make sure to check it out on your digital platform of choice!

slow dancer
Oyasumi Hologram

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That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!