FEMM, FAKY, and Yup’in Form “FAMM’IN”, Release MV for “circle”

Famm'in Femm Faky Yupin

Yup’in, FAKY, and FEMM come together in a special unit called FAMM’IN for the track circle

Released on April 27th, this track will be part of their 1st digital EP titled FAMM’IN which will include one song from each group as well as a Radical Hardcore remix of the title track.

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FAKY “Afterglow” MV Released


The MV for FAKY’s recently released song titled Afterglow has been released.

The song has a more R&B style that is sure to have fans of the more modern Pop scene happy. Alongside that we also get to see the MV in a POV shot from the viewpoint of a passionate fan who starts forming a … stalking love … for the idols.

It has a nice beat to it and it’s nice to see that they went for a unique style for their song. It does bring to mind the Kpop style that is currently dominating most of Asia, but they add a unique twist to the mix with a more American inspired sound from one of the members.

The songs have been out for a while, and links to check them out are on their site! It seems like links outside of Asia aren’t available, but we should be getting them soon.

Source: FAKY OHP

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FAKY Planning Comeback


FAKY have announced that they are planning a comeback.

The official website alongside their Twitter and Facebook accounts were updated with the above logo and the alluring message coming soon

A group coming back from a hiatus is always great news and to those fans who have been waiting patiently since 2014 it seems like the long wait is over. Of course, there is some mention that there might be a few member changes but until we know for sure we’ll have to remain optimistic.

Time to celebrate FAKY fans, more news to come!

FAKY Twitter | FAKY OHP | Arama JAPAN