Haraeki Stage A and Fuwafuwa “Rockstar / Fuwafuwa Sugar Love” MVs Released

Haraeiko Stage A Rockstar Regular Cover
Haraeiko Stage A Regular Edition

Haraeki Stage A and Fuwafuwa have released the MVs for Rockstar and Fuwafuwa Sugar Love.

Releasing April 13th, this single is part of a double a-side release featuring the two groups from the Harajuku Ekimae Parties company. It will be released in 29 types (yes, 29 different types) with 4 main versions alongside 25 other solo versions.

Cooperations between two groups in the same company is rare, but it’s a nice way for fans to check out different sounds and types of groups that they normally wouldn’t see.

Thankfully we get to enjoy just that with this single, and it’s definitely one to check out. Each MV has their own style and feel, from Fuwafuwa’s idol look to the more rock inspired look for Haraeki Stage A.

Personally, I’m a fan of Fuwafuwa a bit more since it has a more traditional upbeat idol sound, but Haraeki Stage A also have a strong sound for fans to enjoy.

Make sure to check them out and get a copy of one the many types!

Haraeki Stage A / Fuwafuwa CDJapan

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