i☆Ris “Goin’On” MV Released

iRis Goin'on

i☆Ris has released the MV for their song titled Goin’On.

The single will be out on February 17 in two editions, Type A with a DVD and Type B featuring only the CD.

The song will be the theme for the anime PriPara, an idol based anime where girls compete to raise their idol rank. All members of the group voice act for characters in the anime.

i☆Ris are an interesting group. Not only because they feature a unique name that adds them to my official “Stars and hearts in the title” idol groups list, but also due to their unique style.

Idol MVs are basically judged on their dancing at this point, but it’s refreshing to see a group try to do something a bit more different and showcase their songs without forcing a typical idol theme with a dance shot and a group singing shot.

The song itself is quite and comforting to listen to, so fans are in for a nice video with the members singing together.

It’s well worth a look for any fan of the anime as well as a decent idol release!

i☆Ris CDJapan

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