Natsumi Abe Announces She Is Pregnant

Abe Natsumi Yamazaki Ikusaburo

Former Morning Musume member Natsumi Abe and her husband Ikusaburo Yamazak have announced that they are expecting their 1st baby.

She had announced her marriage quite recently back in December, so it’s nice to see that the couple have been working on building up a family. Of course, they have been dating since 2011 so it seems like perfect timing to have another member of the family on the way.

When it rains it pours it seems, with many Hello! Project members getting married or having babies, most recently Satoda Mai who gave birth just a few days ago. It’s always happy news though since they are sharing their joy of being together with the fans that supported them for years.

No other details have been released other than them mentioning that the pregnancy was stable (around 12 weeks in), so we look forward to finding out more when the time comes.

Congrats Abe!