Details For Takahashi Minami’s Last Single With AKB48 Released

Takahashi Minami

Details for AKB48’s 42nd single, currently untitled, have been released.

The details were released during the handshake event on October 25.

As expected, Takahashi Minami will be the center for the single, here is a comment from her translated by Tokyo Girl Update:

I have been assigned center position for my final AKB48 single.
The last time I stood center by myself was Sakura no Hanabiratachi, released when we were still on an independent label.
The single will be a definitive idol song in AKB48 style.
I am really happy that my final single here is an idol song.
Since it is not a song where I leave graduation messages for everyone, I sincerely hope it will be performed by many members and loved by all the fans even after I graduate.

It’s certainly nice to see more details about this release so we can begin to get ready for it. Unfortunately, it was only a handful. That means that our tracklist consists of nothing but TBD titles alongside one B-side title.

We will hopefully find out more in the coming month with some previews to look forward to.The single will be released on December 9, the day after AKB48 will be celebrating their 10th year anniversary. More details, such as the tracklist, are available after the break!

AKB48 CDJapan

Source: Tokyo Girls Update

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AKB48 Announce 42nd Single, Last Single For Takahashi Minami


AKB48 have announced their 42nd single.

This will be the last single to feature Takahashi Minami, who will be graduating on the 10 year anniversary of the group a day before the release of the single.

Takahashi Minami

New singles are perfect since it means more content for fans and hot off the heels of their recent release Halloween Night we get a new release that is sure to please everyone. No other details are known apart from the date so we don’t have much to go off on.

As for this being Takahashi’s last single with the group, this is a sad occasion since she has been with the group since it first started and has become a regular face in releases. Personally, she was my favorite from the group so it will be a bit sad to see her leave but this single is the perfect opportunity for her to show off her vocal skills one more time as part of AKB48.

The release date is set for December 9, with Minami graduating on December 8.