SKE48 Caramel Cats and Transit Girls MVs Released

Caramel Cats

The MVs for Caramel Cats “Ano Saki no Mirai Made” and Transit Girls “Datte, Ame Janai?” have been released.

Starting off the MV for Caramel Cats has a happy idol sound that fans will be pleased with. With a sweet calm dance alongside a montage of the members staring at a guy in a bus as the MV progresses.

It’s not the most active of MVs but it has a sweet theme with the members doing their best to get the guy to pay attention to them.

Next up is Transit Girls, and their song Datte, Ame Janai? features a darker visual with the members in a train tunnel at first alongside a calmer song that is sure to make you want to sway side to side. Unfortunately, the short MV doesn’t get that far into the adventures the members get to experience outside of the tunnel.

Overall it’s a solid set of MVs with a calmer sound that fans will love. The themes are contrasting in a way, despite the sound being a bit similar. Regardless they are must sees so definitely consider getting a copy since the release date is a week away, November 25th to be exact!

SKE48 CDJapan

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SKE48 Love Crescendo, Caramel Cats, Transit Girls, and Furumarion Unit Profile Pictures Released

Profile pictures for the upcoming SKE48 unit single featuring Love Crescendo, Caramel Cats, Transit Girls, and Furumarion have been released.

As the pictures suggest, each profile picture gives us a nice look at what to expect from each song. Love Crescendo are made up of younger members so naturally we have a fresher look with Matsui Jurina leading the group. Caramel Cats, in contrast, have a more fashion derived look with a cute dress and room look.

Transit Girls are more focused on the main members in a park setting that looks refreshing and calming, with Oya Masana alongside Takayanagi Akane leading up the group. Nearing up the end is Furumarion, the smaller of the units featuring Azuma Rion and Furuhata Nao with a more model look to their picture.

From the pictures it’s apparent that we are in for a nice release with a multitude of sounds and themes to look forward. Of course, the release date is near with November 25 bieng the date we finally get to enjoy this single, so make sure to get those preorders in!

Source: SKE48 Site | SKE48 CDJapan