Yoshizawa Hitomi Announces She’s Pregnant

Morning Musume Yoshizawa Hitomi

Former Morning Musume member Yoshizawa Hitomi has announced that she is pregnant with her 1st child.

According to the press release, she is expected to give birth at the end of Summer.

The announcement of her marriage was not too long ago back in November, but it seems like time goes by fast since we already have the confirmation that she will be giving birth soon.

Congratulations Yossie!

Yoshizawa Hitomi Announces Engagement

Yoshizawa Hitomi

Former Morning Musume member Yoshizawa Hitomi has announced her engagement.

The announcement was revealed September 5 on her blog, apparently her boyfriend is a non-celebrity. They were introduced through a mutual acquaintance a year and a half ago and have been dating since then.

He has a strong sense of responsibility and the ability to take action. Moreover, he understands my personality very well. For my work, he also supported me mentally. While spending days together with full of smiles, I started feeling that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him

She also revealed how he showed hints about marriage:

We always talked about what kind of marriage I dreamed about, or what kind of family I would want to make… So one day when he picked me up after my work… I opened the car door and there was an issue of ‘Zexy’ (wedding magazine) in a plastic bag randomly placed on the passenger seat (lol). I was like ‘Eh? Could this be a proposal? Am I finally experiencing it?’, and it made my heart full of happiness.

I will continue working my very best, so please support me just like you’ve always been.

Yossie has been on of those Morning Musume members that stood out since she first joined, mainly because of her amazing personality so it’s great to see that she has finally taken the leap and got engaged. The method was a bit unique that’s for sure, but all in all, I wish the best for the happy couple. Congratulations Yossie!

Source: Oricon | Yoshizawa Hitomi Ameblo Blog