Ayana Taketasu “Little*Lion*Heart” MV Released

Ayana Taketatsu

Ayana Taketasu has released a short version of her upcoming single titled Little*Lion*Heart.

The song will be used as the Outro theme for the anime Lance N’ Masques.

The song itself is quite catchy, with an upbeat sound that brings to mind an amazing fantasy world. Being the first time that I have heard her I’ll definitely make sure to check out a few more of her songs since it seems like she has a great anime-inspired sound that just sounds like a perfect complement for her releases.

Sure, the anime has an interesting name, but this song is something that all J-pop fans must hear so make sure to check out the MV after the break!

The release date is set for November 4.

Ayana Taketasu OHP

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SAGA 3rd World Tour Announced

SAGA Awakening

SAGA have announced a 3rd world tour titled SAGA -awakening-.

10/30 – Ljubjlana, SLOVENIA – EDM Party @ Orto Bar
11/01 – Vienna, AUSTRIA – EDM Night @ Replugged
11/06 – Warsaw, POLAND – @ TBA
11/10 – Paris, FRANCE – Two man w/ DABIT @ TBA
11/13 – Liege, BELGIUM – Electro Night @ Le Garage
11/14 – Zoetermeer, NETHERLAND – Nishicon @ Dexter
11/15 – Zoetermeer, NETHERLAND – Nishicon @ Dexter
11/19 – Beijing, CHINA – HeiBaiWuShuang Movie Premiere
11/28 – Lisbon, PORTUGAL – Nihon Sekai @ Universidade de Lisboa
12/04 – Lisbon, PORTUGAL – NEONLECTRO EDM Party @ Paradise Garage
12/05 – Ales, FRANCE – Electro Party @ Le Caveau de l’Alma

The EDM-influenced group does have a more diversified feel to it with all of the members coming from different parts of Asia so this feels like a natural step to take. Likewise, their music is perfect for those who are overseas to enjoy since it does have English in it.

So far the dates are more focused on Europe with China thrown in there, but we might be getting a few American dates alongside them since they have mentioned that there might be a few more additions.

Fans who are in the areas above please make sure to get your tickets, if not then keep an eye on their Facebook page to get any more date additions!

SAGA Facebook | SAGA OHP

Nishiuchi Mariya To Perform “Angel Heart” Theme Song

Nishiuchi Mariya

Nishiuchi Mariya’s upcoming single titled Save me will be the theme song for the live-action adaptation of Angel Heart.

There will be three versions of the single: CD only, CD+DVD, and a Limited edition.


1. Save me
2. Let’s start over again
3. Save me (Instrumental)
4. Let’s start over again (Instrumental)


Save me Music Video
Save me Making Of Video

According to the article, it seems like the release might have more of a medium tempo ballad feel to it so fans of her are in for a great song since it seems like a powerful way of showing off her abilities.

It’s just a matter of time before we get a preview with the debut of the drama in a few weeks so we should get to hear the preview soon enough.

The release date is set for October 28, with the drama premiering on October 11.

Source: Natalie.mu

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Superfly’s “Kuroi Shizuku” Will Be The Theme Song For “Mutsu ~Mieru Me~”


Superfly’s song Kuroi Shizuku will be the theme song for the upcoming Fuji TV drama Mutsu ~Mieru Me~.

Kuroi Shizuku will apparently have a theme similar to Mutsu ~Mieru Me~ which has a mystery theme, so we might be getting a ballad or a slower paced song. Either way it will be interesting to see how the song sounds once the drama starts airing so we’ll find out in a few weeks.

The drama will begin airing October 7.

Source: Natalie.mu | Superfly OHP

Niji no Conquistador “Rainbow Spectrum” Details Released

Details for Niji no Conquistador’s 1st album titled Rainbow Spectrum have been released.

There will be two versions: Regular and Limited, which will include a DVD with all of the group’s MVs.

1 Onna no Ko Muteki Sengen
2 THE☆Uchouten Summer!!
3 Triangle・Dreamer
4 Doki Doki Otome no Tsuushinbo
5 Love makes me run
6 Dengeki Tactics
7 Ai Dake Sakende
8 Kimi no Kimochi Oshiete
9 Niji Iro Philosophy
10 Brand New Happy Days
11 TBA
12 Yarukkyanai! 2015

Niji no Conquistador have seen some great success in the idol world so far, so this seems like a natural first step so newcomers to the band can enjoy their songs all in one place. Of course, the inclusion of all of their MVs in the Limited edition makes for an amazing chance to enjoy more idol goodness, so definitely consider picking up a copy if you are a fan!

The release date is set for November 3.

Source: Niji no Conquistador OHP

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Tsunku To Perform on SONGS


Tsunku has been announced to perform on the NHK show SONGS.

This will be the first music program he appears in a while. Kumiko will be performing a new song that he has produced. Nagase Tomoya from TOKIO will sing Hitoribocchi no Haburashi, and Chris Hart will be singing a cover of Sharan Q’s Zurui Onna with a new arrangement for Tsunku.

There will also be an interview.


Of course, most everyone knows that Tsunku removed his vocal cords a while ago due to cancer and while that might have taken away his ability to speak it certainly hasn’t affected his ability to compose.

It will be a great way to see his songs being performed once again so hopefully those who have access should check the performance and interview out.

The show will air October 3 at 11:30.

Source: Barks.jp | Amped @ Jplop

Tsubaki Factory To Release Single For 1st Musical

Tsubaki Factory

Tsubaki Factory have announced the release of a single for their Thank you Very Berry musical.

The CD will have three tracks, with previews on the video below. Also, there will be a DVD with Making-Of footage.

1. Ano Ko ga Utau no wo Mitanda
2. Kaijuu no Ballad
3. Thank You Very Berry

As the name implies the musical is a remake of the one that Berryz Koubou did a while ago, so it will be interesting just how this fresh group from H!P does.

The CD itself is quite a nice addition since fans are encouraged to attend the show and get a copy, so while those of us who are overseas might not get a chance to get a copy we will probably have a DVD sometime after the musical ends.

I haven’t heard much about the group so I’m quite excited to hear how they compare!

The CD will be available at the venues starting October 8.

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miwa Announces New Single Titled ” Anata ga Koko ni Ite Dakishimeru Koto ga Dekiru Nara”


miwa has announced the release of a new single titled Anata ga Koko ni Ite Dakishimeru Koto ga Dekiru Nara. 

The title track will also be the theme song for the drama Kounodori that will premiere in October 16, with the single being described as a slow ballad.

More promotion is perfect and having your single used as the theme song for an upcoming drama on TBS always helps. From what we can gather the drama will be a bit slow paced with the song matching the tone, so hopefully we get a preview in the coming weeks to judge for ourselves.

The release date is set for November 11.

Kikkawa You “WILDSTRAWBERRY” MV Released

Kikkawa You the 3rd Wildflower Limited

The MV for Kikkawa You’s WILDSTRAWBERRY has been released.

The track is from Kikka’s 3rd album titled YOU the 3rd. ~WILDFLOWER~.

With a strong electronic instrumental mixed along with her amazing voice it gives a solid song that sounds amazing. Of course, the MV is a bit more simple with a handful of shots with different outfits and an overuse of kaleidoscope effects. Sure it’s not the most impressive video ever made, but the song is the main point and it sounds amazing.

Check out the MV after the break!

The release date is set for October 14.

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