Shuukan Idol – Niji no Conquistador Conquer Summer, Namie Amuro looks for a HERO, and more

Kobushi Factory

This week was somewhat calm by idol standards, but nonetheless we still got a nice handful of details for two of the latest idol releases for Nogizaka46 and Kobushi Factory.

That, combined with a fun summer MV from Niji no Conquistador as well as Namie Amuro’s lyric MV for her latest single make for a fun week to kick off July.

That and more in this week’s top 5 weekly highlights!


Niji no Conquistador conquer summer in the MV for Kagirinaku Boken ni Chikai Summer

In this recent release, Niji no Conquistador get us ready for summer with their latest single MV. It has quickly earned a spot in my favorite summer releases, so don’t miss it!

Samba! Kobushi Factory show off details and covers from their latest single

While somewhat new in terms of idol groups, Kobushi Factory has started to release some solid tracks that fans have started to notice. With a samba feel combined with some baseball, this is certainly among the most unique releases we’ve seen from them.

Be a hero! Namie Amuro releases the lyric MV for HERO

HERO might be on the laid back side, but Nami Amuro continues to impress with her amazing voice and solidifies her status as a J-pop queen. Her latest release features a hopeful song that is sure to encourage everyone watching the Olympics to do their best.

Nogizaka46 take selfies in the covers for their single Hadashi de Summer

While it might not be the 1st time it’s been done, Nogizaka46 show off a more personal side with the members taking the photos used for the covers. Alongside that, we also get to find out the tracklist and it’s sure to be a treat!

Juice=Juice’s Kanazawa Tomoko will be releasing a mini-PB

Sure, it might not exactly be a full PB release like her fellow member Uemura Akari, but it’s a solid step that fans will be glad to see. With a cute smile on the cover, it’s a must have release for those who didn’t get a chance to enjoy her DVD.

Noteworthy mentions:


The week might have been a tad on the slow side, but that doesn’t mean that we can end off the week with a special song.

Kicking off another week in July we have Berryz Koubou with one of their last songs before taking a hiatus titled Love together!

Thanks for tuning in this week, we’ll see you again on the next one!