Shuukan Idol – ANGERME Announce New Member, New NMB48 MVs, and More

Team Syachihoko

This week we get a surprise announcement as ANGERME announces the addition of a new member, plus we enjoy almost a dozen MV releases from various groups including the ever creative Team Syachihoko, the talented NMB48, and more.

MVs are coming out left and right but join us as we share our top 7 highlights of the week!


ANGERME announce the addition of a new member

With the departure of Fukuda Kanon and Tamura Meimi it seemed like the group was in need of some fresh talent and thankfully they have found their match with a new member.

> NMB48 show off the MVs for Sora Kara Ai ga Futte Kuru Moso Machine 3-Gouki, and Saigo no Goshakudama

With the two main track MVs out in the wild last week, it was only a matter of time before we got to enjoy the rest of the single’s MVs and thankfully the wait is over for at least three MVs. They all have their unique looks and settings so check them all out!

Takoyaki Rainbow go on a Colorful Festival and go full J-pop for the Dotto jp Japan! MV

Takoyaki Rainbow are on a roll showing off a studio MV for the c/w of their latest single as well as the more mature J-pop styled MV for their title track. They’re both fun and worth a look for any idol fan!

Team Syachihoko solve a mystery in the MV for ULTRA Chou MIRACLE SUPER VERY POWER BALL

Team Syachihoko are among the most unique idol groups with fun MVs and even catchier songs and this one is no exception. It’s a mouthful to say but it’s well worth a look!

Samba! Kobushi Factory dance their way through the MV for Samba! Kobushi Janeiro

The summer Olympics are just a few months away, so why not celebrate with a fun samba styled idol release? Kobushi Factory share an upbeat song that is sure to have you humming for hours.

Yurumerumo! celebrate summer as a 4-nin group in Summer Bokan

With summer in full swing, idol groups are releasing their own summer songs for fans to enjoy. Yurumerumo! have a fun drama styled MV for everyone to enjoy, with some catchy lyrics. Stick until the end for a sweet goodbye for the two members who graduated!

E-girls show off their cool side in Pink Champagne

After showing us their cute side we get to enjoy a look into the cool side of this talented J-pop group. Packed full of lights, catchy choruses, and more, it’s an MV that fans should not miss out on!

Noteworthy mentions:


With this week being among the most active in terms of releases it seems like most of the bigger groups have been releasing an MV or single. But, there are some smaller groups that definitely deserve some attention.

Here’s 2o with their latest single titled Hibiya-sen Diary:

Also, we have Petit Milady who have released the MV for Himawari no Sakamichi:

Thank you for tuning in this week, we’ll see you in the next one!