Shuukan Idol – Just Try Edition

Uemura Akari

In this week’s Shuukan Idol we try and guess why Avex hates us while enjoying the latest releases from groups such as Tsubaki Factory, BiS, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, and AKB48.

All that and more in our top 6 highlights of the week!


Tsubaki Factory go underground for their Just Try! MV

Tsubaki Factory have firmly grabbed my attention with their catchy major debut single. From the fresh sound of Hatsukoi Sunrise to the playful touch of Uruwashi no Camellia, they have shown us that they are capable of everything. The MV for Just Try! might be a tad on the Ummm side, but it’s still a solid MV worth checking out.

What gives? BiS show off a collage in the MV for gives

BiS like to break the mold and go against the grain with their MVs, and nothing says rebellion like a collage (so edgy). Paired with a soft ballad, we get to enjoy a quick summary of the hijinks the members have been up to in only 4 minutes. In all honesty, it is decent so take a look if you’re excited for their new album.

Avex hates us, Avex Pictures announces export ban

Avex caused quite the stir among the overseas Japan fan community when it announced they would be placing a ban on exports earlier this week. Thankfully, it’s been cleared up since then and only applies to anime products, but the possibility that it could be extended is still present. The question is: Why does Avex hate money?

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da are gas wearing aliens in the Sophomore Sick Sacrifice MV

What do you get when you combine a rooftop band, light sabers, and gas masks? A Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da MV of course. Packed full of catchy lyrics and a fun rock sound, it’s a treat for fans of this Yami-Kawaii group.

SILENT SIREN slap dat bass in the MV for Fujiyama Disco

What’s better than new SILENT SIREN music? SILENT SIREN music that has some serious bass slapping in the instrumental and is packed full of disco balls. Thankfully, the new label change now lets fans overseas enjoy the new music and it’s a catchy release that is worth checking out.

AKB48 step into the ring and a bookstore in the MVs for Shoot Sign and Kidukare nai you ni…

Kojima Haruna might be leaving, but thankfully fans will be able to remember her in a unique way: wrestling in a ring and browsing a bookstore. Fans of ballads will feel right at home, but they might be a tad on the calm side for some.

Notable mentions:


Those who know me know that apart from Hello! Project I love music that is packed full of guitars and has a harder beat. That’s why groups such as BiSH, BiS, PassCode, and others have caught my heart. They manage to combine my two loves into one, each with their own catchy sound.

I recently (literally 5 minutes ago) found out about a group called Yamitsuki Company and thankfully they are just right up my alley (and hopefully yours as well). Their sound is best described as “PassCode”. Literally PassCode.

They combine an EDM + chiptune sound with metal and some screams thrown in for good measure. This catchy sound (apparently called Emo Chiptune) manages to take inspiration from PassCode while still retaining their own identity.

Unfortunately they don’t have any releases listed anywhere, or even a website, but hopefully we get to see more from them soon.

Yamaindere /// Sickness

That’s it for this week make sure to stay tuned in for the next one!