Sato Masaki Announces Comeback

Morning Musume Sato Masaki

Morning Musume ’17 member Sato Masaki has announced that she will be resuming activities in March.

She recently went on hiatus due to a lumbar disk herniation and was out for two months.

The announcement was done through Up Front Link where management announced her intent to return. She has already started rehearsals and will join Morning Musume ’17 for their Concert Tour Spring ~ THE INSPIRATION~ which will kick off on March 18th.

She has been taking part of physical strength training 4 times a week and walks around 1-2 hours each day. As a result, her doctor said that there’s no problem if she started to dance little by little. However there has been concern about her symptoms coming back since she hasn’t recovered completely.

Masaki has mentioned that she wants to challenge herself and complete the tour to perform in front of everyone. She might not be able to perform like before, with them adding that she will avoid activities that might cause her pain. However, her doctor mentioned that she will be able to perform depending on whether she dances or not.

Sato Masaki also commented that her trainer said that if she continues her training she will be able to participate in the concerts. She mentioned that she understands her body and wants to come back to Morning Musume ’17. She will be taking rests if it hurts.

While she might not be 100% cured, it’s great to see her determination and the way that she has dedicated her time to ensuring that her body is able to withstand a concert tour. Of course, her health is a priority so I still keep my fingers crossed and hope that she doesn’t get too excited and ends up hurting herself.

If you’re in the area make sure to get ready for her re-debut this March.

Welcome back Maachan!

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