Up Up Girls (2) Audition Winners Announced

Up Up Girls 2 Audition Winners

Update: Corrected minor typo in Yoshikawa’s name and added Twitter account info

The winners for Up Up Girls (2) audition have been revealed.

The winners were revealed on a recent live where it was revealed that Up Up Girls (2) will include 4 members:

The winners were selected from a group of 13 girls who made it to the finals.

Needless to say, reactions to the results have been mixed.

Most of the responses seem to center around the amount of girls who made it to the final, and I tend to agree with them. From 13 possible candidates it seems rather surprising that they decided to only go with 4. Is it enough for a 2nd generation or will they make a separate group with only 4 members? We’re not sure.

Another big concern that seems to be popping up is who actually won. Fan favorites like MokaMoka, RenRen, and Naachan seem to have gathered quite the following and in the end it seems like they went with unexpected choices.

However, that’s something that happens often in Hello! Project. Members that audition who seem perfect as idols and are popular just aren’t a right fit for this group. It’s also a big downside of following an audition this closely since people get attached to certain members and end up disappointed in the end (me included).

I wouldn’t be surprised if most of those who didn’t make it end up as part of AKB48 or other idol groups in the coming months though since there was some talent there. But, I’m still holding out hope that some become Kenshuusei so they can debut in some other way within Hello! Project.

It will be interesting to see just how these 4 members end up integrating into Up Up Girls. For now, welcome to the group Chiichan, Riko, Kajii, and Maachan!

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