The Hello! Project Audition 2018 Results Are In …

hello project 2018 audition finalists

The results for the Hello! Project Audition 2018 have been announced.

They were revealed in the 6th episode of the audition program called Shoujo Tachi no Ketsudan ~Michaku!! Hello! Project 20th Anniversary Audition.

The winners are …

No one.

It’s a rather unexpected outcome since many fans were expecting at least one of the 8 girls to win. Thankfully all of the participants were offered the opportunity to join the Hello! Project Kenshuusei to get them prepared for a possible debut.

Shutto Anna, Kubota Nanami, Matsubara Yuriya, and Kanemitsu Ruru have already accepted that position. Tamenaga Shion, Goto Sayaka, and Hashimoto Momoko are still sorting out some details with their parents and Up-Front.

However, Kodama Mai has declined the offer. This is not surprising seeing as how she participated in the Morning Musume ’16 audition, failed, and declined the same offer back then.

The question remains: There are still 3 more episodes left in the series, so what can we expect? We will probably be getting a chance to see them practice for their upcoming performance that is set for December 10th alongside the other Kenshuusei, but only time will tell.

Here’s a clip from the auditions so make sure to check it out!


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